Music Content Management, Publishing, and Monetization Platform

Unparalleled ease of use, control and publishing.

Ingestion, app development, publishing, distribution, billing, and reporting.


It takes great deal of creativity and dedication to produce the content that drives the masses. But...

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Music production houses or studios produce a great content regularly however it ends up floating on YouTube or other free music downloading websites generating no or very low revenue.

Production house loses a great opportunity to monetize the music content and earn revenue, loyal/engaged subscribers, promote user base.

For music producers, it is a tedious technical project to build something that fulfills their needs of developing time agnostic music listing, distribution platform.

Integrating the operator billing, user subscription, web and mobile advertisement, and telecom aggregation is a painful process.


Atechnos’ Music Content Management, Publishing, and Monetization Platform Musicapz is aimed at music production houses to launch content storefront/portal/app for their audiences and monetize it.


Musicapz handles complete music content commercialization cycle; Music listing, Publishing, Monetization, Reporting, and Data Analytics.

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It allows content publishing across Android, iOS, store apps through web-based interface to enhance user engagement and thus the revenue.

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It enables distributed content ingestion with the centralized editor equipped with AI profiling and AdSense localization.

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Musicapz is a solution that provides producers an unparalleled ease of use and control in content and monetization.


It simplifies content portal management with easy and secure methods of listing, publishing and app creation.


Musicapz augments the fundamental processes of commercial value chain: ingestion, publishing, distribution, billing, and reporting.


It seamlessly integrates with Telecom network elements including billing, caller tunes to offer ease of implementation.


It provides app subscribers/users clean, fun-filled and personalized environment where users can feel in control.


It builds a long terms revenue source for production houses, as it increases average content consumption and app time per user


Musicapz is designed keeping in mind the needs of production houses as ‘publisher’ and mobile/app user as consume.

Every user is different and wants to be treated like that. Understanding this, Musicapz allows customization and personalization.

‘Reach and Revenue’ is the ultimate mantra to strive for through Musicapz

A wide content and service categories to fulfill the different needs of consumers and subscribers

Change is unchanging law of nature’, keeping this in view, Musicapz is built with flexibility to incorporate changes required in future

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Content Ingestion

Easy content ingestion through multiple sources


1 Million+







Custom Built

Producers can recquest customized look & feel to express their brand

Multipal languages, Different colors, Unique menus


App development made easy.

Launch and market any music to its users very quickly.

Increase loyalty helps reduce churn, securities revenue and brings an element of predictability.

Drive significant increase in content revenues by building your brand value.

Implement uniformity of service standard of billing and delivery rules.

Low risk - ATechnos pays for the infrastructure cost of deploying and running the service